Mattapoisett Neck Road Flood Resilience

This project, funded by the Office of Coastal Zone Management’s (CZM) Coastal Resiliency Grant Program, addresses the coastal resiliency of one of Mattapoisett’s most vulnerable low-lying roadways, Mattapoisett Neck Road, which provides the only access/egress for approximately 250 residents who live along the road and on Mattapoisett Neck, as well as a decaying culvert underlying the roadway at Molly’s Cove.

Fuss & O’Neill assessed the vulnerability to future flood risks from sea level rise and coastal storms and developed a set of alternatives to manage risks and improve the long-term resilience of the Mattapoisett Neck Road causeways and Molly’s Cove culvert. This included a combination of roadway elevation enhancements, slope treatments, and culvert alternatives that could be utilized to control flood risks, control costs, and reduce impacts to adjoining resource areas.