At Fuss & O’Neill, safety is everything.
It is so important, we raise it above our first priority to PriorityZer∅.

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Mission Statement

Zer∅ Accidents
Zer∅ Injuries
Zer∅ Harm
Zer∅ Excuses

PriorityZer∅, the Fuss & O’Neill Corporate Health and Safety Program and performance target, establishes that people should never be hurt at work and seeks to provide every employee, intern, subcontractor, and visitor with a safe working environment. This is fostered by a culture of forethought, regular communication, preparedness, and ongoing education.

PriorityZer∅ is a living and ever-evolving system of best practices, empowerment, teamwork, innovation, improvement, and an organizational objective to maintain an incident-free workplace. We will instill company practices and a reporting system that promotes proactive communication and a process to constantly improve our company procedures through learning and root cause analysis.

Fuss & O’Neill is committed to being an industry leader at the forefront of safety leadership and implementation. We will create and maintain the safest and best working conditions for the betterment of our employees, our clients, and our communities. Safety is so important we raise it above our first priority to PriorityZer∅.

Health and Safety Program Overview

Safety is woven into the Fuss & O’Neill culture and we recognize that our safety performance is a direct indicator of the health and stability of the organization. We don’t just talk about it; we live it in our daily lives and seek to make it habitual. Safety is not discretionary. We prioritize the health and safety of our employees, those we work with and for, and our communities.

We have developed a robust Health and Safety Program that is under constant evaluation to identify opportunities for improvement. PriorityZer∅ is led by our Corporate Health and Safety Officer and is supported by our organizational Safety Committee, with representation from every office and implementation by Fuss & O’Neill leadership. We have a reporting system that encourages employees to communicate safety hazards to senior management to reduce risk and the likelihood of an employee accident.

Health and Safety Committee

Safety is best achieved when every person recognizes that safety is a pre-condition and is not discretionary. The company prioritizes safety as a core value and expects every employee to be an active participant and to understand their responsibility to contribute to a safety-conscious culture. The Health and Safety Committee supports this culture by providing the framework for open communication and by routinely reviewing and updating health and safety policies and procedures. They serve as a conduit for health and safety information among departments and business units, and they facilitate reciprocal communication amongst all employees.

The Health and Safety Committee is led by Corporate Safety and Health Officer, Robert Levandoski, CSP, CIH, CHMM. Rob has more than 30 years of experience creating health and safety improvements for a large variety of businesses, including corporations, manufacturers, universities, health care providers, and other client types. Rob began his career as a firefighter, which led to his desire to improve the health and safety of others. He is an Emergency Medical Technician, a Certified Safety Professional, a Certified Industrial Hygienist, a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, and an Asbestos Inspector.

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