Bridge Design

highway bridge and overpass

As society advances, the demands on infrastructure evolve in tandem, necessitating a responsive approach to cater to the burgeoning needs of a progressing culture. Fuss & O’Neill collaborates with state transportation departments, municipalities, and federal agencies to enhance, maintain, and innovate bridges and culverts that are crucial for the seamless functioning of multi-modal transportation in the Northeast.

Fuss & O’Neill’s bridge design philosophy is rooted in ensuring that bridge designs meet stringent safety standards and seamlessly align with the surrounding built and natural environments. Our structural engineers engage with our clients to ascertain their objectives, constraints, and timelines, and then create tailored solutions that exceed expectations. Whether it’s intricate steel trusses, enduring stone and masonry arches, or modern pre-cast concrete innovations, we possess the experience to navigate the complexities inherent in each project.

As a multidisciplinary firm, we offer comprehensive project support, seamlessly integrating maintenance and traffic management strategies, roadway design, hydrologic/hydraulic engineering, wetlands considerations, and geotechnical engineering, ensuring a holistic approach that optimizes project outcomes while minimizing disruptions.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
  • Concreate and Steel Bridge Elements
  • Construction Administration
  • Historic Structure Restoration
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Inspection and Evaluation
  • Load Ratings
  • Maintenance
  • Pedestrian Bridge Design
  • Permitting
  • Public Outreach
  • Repair, Rehabilitation, Replacement, and New Structures
  • Single- and Multi-span Bridges
  • Staged Construction
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Substructure Inspection
  • Temporary Shorings and Supports
  • Type Studies

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