Site Structures

Site structure, walkway and bridge

Fuss & O’Neill’s structural engineers understand the critical role that well-designed site structures play in the successful operation and optimal use of a property well beyond the limits of its buildings.

Our experience is broad and supports a variety of unique site-specific needs. Fuss & O’Neill’s structural engineers have provided recreational support and design for boating/kayak launches/facilities, boardwalks, and historic waterfront structures.

As a multidisciplinary firm, our structural engineers work with our landscape architects and civil engineers to develop functional, cost-effective, and value-added site structures that complement and enhance the user experience of the buildings that anchor our projects to their sites. Fuss & O’Neill’s structural engineers provide enduring, cost-effective, and context-sensitive solutions to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Access Stair and Ramp Design
  • Accessory Structure Design (Gazebos, Shade Structures, Pergalas, Viewing Platforms etc.)
  • Athletic Facility Design Support
  • Equipment Supports
  • Floodproofing and Protection
  • Light Pole Foundation Design
  • Retaining Wall Evaluations and Design
  • Solar Parking Canopies

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