Climate Adaptation

Green infrastructure drainage with plantings and flowers

Fuss & O’Neill’s landscape architects and planners are vital contributors to our firm’s commitment to providing resilient solutions that protect infrastructure, assets, and communities. Their design solutions protect our clients’ investments by making them more resilient to existing and future climate change impacts.

Our team works with municipalities, private companies, economic development agencies, non-profit organizations, NGOs, and quasi-public agencies to design protection against sea-level rise, flooding, extreme heat, and other climate impacts. We help our clients identify funding for their projects and we guide our clients in identifying and capitalizing on the economic and community co-benefits of sustainability and climate action.

Our landscape architects and designers are proponents of nature-based solutions, which are resilient and can adapt to changes and risks, while also bringing additional critical benefits of improving ecological health and enhancing quality of life. Nature-based systems are often less costly to build, require less maintenance, can significantly reduce capital and maintenance costs, and can be integrated into planned projects to multiply project co-benefits (e.g., green space creation, bike trails, habitat improvement, and lowering surface and air temperatures). We ensure that our designs are practical, constructable, and do not cause undue maintenance burdens. Our designs blend with the natural landscape while saving our clients money and providing environmental stewardship.


Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Climate Resilience
  • Conceptual Renderings
  • Design Charrettes
  • Floodable Park Design
  • Funding and Financing Strategies
  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Green Roof Design
  • Living Shorelines
  • Low-impact Development Design
  • Master Planning
  • Nature-based Solutions
  • Open Space Planning
  • Permitting
  • Public Outreach
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Stormwater Management
  • Urban Forestry Planning and Design

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