Geographic Information Systems

someone using an iPad to gather GIS information on a project site

Geographic Information System (GIS) data provides important foundational information that ensures accurate decision-making from the onset of a project. GIS provides pinpoint graphical representations of sites from which Fuss & O’Neill’s in-house GIS specialists create dashboards to provide location-aware data visualization and analytics for a real-time operational view.

GIS data are used to create maps that display spatial relationships and influences, which enables realistic site planning. Additionally, a GIS website can be a valuable tool in community engagement. The portal creates a central hub for open sharing, allowing the public to review and comment anytime. These platforms are safe and secure. Clients can maintain full control over their data and Fuss & O’Neill’s site/civil engineers can present viable project solutions based on a complete operational picture – saving time and money on the back end of the project.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Application Development and Integration
  • ArcGIS Online Deployment
  • CADD/BIM to GIS Integration
  • Dashboards
  • Data Collection
  • Database System Design Strategies
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Internet Map Solutions
  • Standards Development
  • Statistically Relevant Surveys
  • Web App Hosting

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