Ecological Restoration

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Fuss & O’Neill provides comprehensive ecological restoration services from the initial planning and assessment phase through engineering design, permitting, and construction. Our ecological restoration portfolio includes a wide range of habitats and project types, including freshwater wetland restoration, former cranberry bog restoration, river/stream restoration and dam removal, floodplain and riparian corridor restoration, restoration of aquatic organism passage through culvert replacement, and salt marsh restoration.

Ecological restoration projects bring direct and indirect benefits to our clients, communities, and the environment. Fuss & O’Neill’s engineers and scientists analyze the dynamic relationships among water, soils, natural ecosystems, and human uses that are unique to each site. From these analyses, we help our clients and project partners maximize benefits and effectively manage risk. Our designs factor in, and protect against, the projected impacts of climate change, sea level rise, and intensifying storms. As part of our approach, we think through constructability, which ultimately controls costs and results in a more successful project.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Culvert Replacement
  • Dam Removal
  • Fish and Eel Passage
  • Floodplain Restoration
  • Grant Funding Assistance
  • Living Shorelines
  • River and Stream Restoration
  • Streambank Stabilization
  • Salt Marsh Elevation Enhancement
  • Salt Marsh Restoration
  • Sediment Management
  • Stream Daylighting
  • Wetland Creation and Restoration

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