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In early 2024 we announced our strategic partnership with Trilon Group, a family of infrastructure consulting businesses. The partnership gives Fuss & O’Neill additional capital and resources to expand its services and markets in the Northeast, while better serving our clients.

Our Partnership

Fuss & O’Neill was selected by Trilon Group to be a part of the company’s vision to build the next Top 10 design firm in North America. Trilon is doing this by bringing together the nation’s best infrastructure consulting firms. Trilon is supporting Fuss & O’Neill to accelerate the growth and careers of our employees with additional investment in talent, technology, and targeted mergers and acquisitions.

Meet the Trilon family of companies

“Fuss & O’Neill’s strategic growth goals can be better achieved with a strong, well-resourced partner that shares our core beliefs, culture, and vision. Our organizations share a close alignment on many important items, such as shaping career paths for our employees, serving clients, and setting ambitious growth targets, while committing the time, resources, and hard work to make them happen. What resonated with us is Trilon’s shared business approach with Fuss & O’Neill. Partnering with Trilon serves as a pathway to drive our firm into the next century of design and technology, all the while upholding our core values and reinforcing our respected 100-year-old brand.”

Kevin Grigg
CEO, Fuss & O'Neill

“Trilon looks to partner with firms that provide infrastructure solutions to address complex challenges of sustainability, resiliency, social equity, and constructability. It’s hard to find a partner that better fits that description than Fuss & O’Neill. Trilon is excited by Fuss & O’Neill’s committed mission, its deep expertise, and track record of impact on the communities it serves.”

Mick Renshaw
CEO, Trilon Group