Spring and Latham Streetscape Project

street view with two people walking on sidewalk and building in the background

Fuss & O’Neill routinely works with Williams College, providing a multitude of civil engineering support services. One such project was the creation of a Stormwater Master Plan.

The Spring Street/Latham Street Streetscape project was a key connecting piece in the implementation of the recommendations from this Stormwater Master Plan, and aligned with the College’s plan to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety in this area of Williamstown.

view of culvert

Stormwater Management

This area of Williamstown receives runoff from a large portion of the western side of campus and the surrounding street network.  Localized flooding was common due to aging, deteriorated, and undersized stormwater infrastructure.

The Spring Street/Latham Street project included replacement of the existing undersized stormwater system in the area with a properly sized 5’x5’ concrete box culvert that conveyed runoff from this area to the Christmas Brook Culvert. This eliminated localized flooding in the area, forming the last connection between the improvements made to the parking lot and Meacham Street to the new Christmas Brook Culvert.

two construction workers placing culvert

Streetscape Improvements

While the elimination of flooding was the original impetus for the work, this project also improved pedestrian safety and the overall pedestrian experience in the Spring/Latham/Meacham Street location. The streetscape portion of the project included a palate of materials designed to fit the campus feel of the area, while providing a safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles.

Fuss & O’Neill’s multidisciplinary team of civil engineers and landscape architects designed the following improvements:

  • New crosswalks constructed of pavers, with new concrete ADA accessible ramps.
  • Implementation of a road diet and expanded sidewalks, which created a plaza space at the businesses on Spring Street.
  • Flush granite curbing and pavers were placed at the intersection of Spring Street and Latham Street to direct through-traffic onto Latham Street while providing access to the driveway of the newly constructed Willaims College Inn.
  • New lighting and signage to match the character of the area.
Spring and Latham streetscape plan view

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