Hartford HealthCare Environmental Compliance Audits and Phase I Site Assessments

Exterior view of Hartford Healthcare

Hartford HealthCare applied for funding through the Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA), a prerequisite of which included completion of environmental due diligence requirements.

To assist Hartford HealthCare, Fuss & O’Neill’s environmental engineers completed 14 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and Environmental Compliance Assessments in the St. Vincent’s Medical Center portfolio to support the due diligence requirements. Of the 14 healthcare facilities assessed, 7 of these were acute care facilities.

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Additionally, multi-media Environmental Compliance Assessments were performed at each location in accordance with the CHEFA Environmental Requirements. Our team drafted a comprehensive report for each healthcare facility, detailing our evaluation of their adherence to CHEFA’s “Core Laws”.

Fuss & O’Neill assembled a large team of experts to complete the Phase I ESAs and Environmental Compliance Assessments in approximately five weeks. All of the environmental reports were completed and submitted on time to CHEFA in order for Hartford HealthCare to receive their funding.

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