The “X” Intersection

View of the project plan

The intersections of Sumner Avenue, Dickinson Street, and Belmont Avenue form the “X” intersection in Springfield, MA. This intersection was prone to accidents, had outdated traffic control equipment, and could not keep up with increased traffic demand.

The City of Springfield contracted Fuss & O’Neill to implement the concept of the intersection redesign and to help advance it through the MassDOT project development procedure.

Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA)

In support of the MEPA environmental review process, Fuss & O’Neill prepared an Expanded Environmental Notification Form (EENF) and Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) that detailed potential environmental impacts associated with the project and proposed mitigation measures. We made public notifications via the MEPA Environmental Monitor website, the City’s website, and flyers. We completed enhanced environmental justice (EJ) outreach in accordance with the MEPA Public Involvement Protocol for EJ Populations, including providing translation project summaries and public notifications, as well as hosting of a community meeting in which we provided options for language translation services.

Ariel view of the x intersection

It was important to the client that the environmental review process incorporated community input from those likely to be most impacted by the proposed project so that their questions and comments could be heard – and ultimately, so that community feedback could be used to inform the MEPA Environmental Review process.

Transportation and Traffic

Fuss & O’Neill is providing solutions for improving traffic flow, bicycle and pedestrian safety, and accessibility to Forest Park, schools, and businesses in an increasingly auto-centric corridor that includes both retail and residential use. Factoring in existing and future deficiencies associated with the increase in traffic demand while improving safety and efficiency, proposed improvements include:

  • Widening parts of Sumner Avenue to five lanes, adding bike lanes, diverting traffic from Belmont Avenue, adding a turn lane, and installing four traffic signals.
  • Left turn lanes on lower Sumner Avenue and mini-roundabouts.
  • Catenary lighting that will create a ceiling-like space as well as up-lighting in select trees for safety.
  • Design of two pedestrian plazas to enhance the pedestrian experience, increase safety, to promote a sense of community, and to provide green infrastructure elements.
People sitting in chairs while Fuss and O'Neill presents on a presentation screen

Water Main and Service Connections

Fuss & O’Neill was hired by the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission to design the replacement of approximately 1 mile of 8” and 12” water main with the project area, as well as new service connections and revised routing of the mains to accommodate the new intersection geometry. The corridor presents significant challenges due to numerous buried utilities and infrastructure that is more than 100 years old.

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