Soil Management Support

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The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) contacted Fuss & O’Neill for assistance with managing excess soil generated during utility installation projects and to update their soil management plan. Excess soil is generated from various water and sewer main installation/replacement projects.

Pilot Study

Services began with a pilot study to compare two methods for soil management: one with extensive pre-characterization soil sampling along the project route and the other without. The results of the pilot study were used to develop and refine the soil characterization and management procedures.

Photo of soil yard

Soil Characterization and Management Services

Fuss & O’Neill is providing soil characterization and management services for the MDC. Services include:

  • soil characterization
  • review of analytical data
  • inspections and oversight
  • management and training support

On-call Support

Fuss & O’Neill has helped the MDC develop a recycling program and we created a soil management planning/budgeting tool to assist MDC Project Managers. These services have been administered through our on-call contract with MDC.


The refined approach has significantly improved the overall process. It has created a streamlined procedure for management of excess soil, reduced the excess burden on the contractors and project managers, and has resulted in reduction of overall cost related to managing excess soil.

The process is sustainable and promotes recycling and reuse of excess soil. Widespread use of the recycled material is anticipated to have several environmental and economic benefits.

The Soil Management and Recycling Program has helped the MDC invest the savings generated from the Program to update its utility infrastructure and help communities within its member towns. The process is sustainable and preserves natural resources.

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