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Turnkey Soil Management Services, University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT

Fuss & O’Neill assisted the University of Connecticut with turnkey soil management services for approximately 80,000 tons of excess soil generated during the utility upgrade project at the Storrs campus. Fuss & O’Neill prepared a soil management plan and worked with contractors to stage the soil in designated bins for characterization prior to reuse and disposal.

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The staged soil was characterized per the Connecticut Remediation Standard Regulations (RSRs). Based on the soil characterization data, a suitable recycling and/or disposal facility was selected. Due to the volume of soil generated during the project and the availability of space to stage the soil on campus, timely characterization and offsite shipment were critical to meet the project deadlines.


Practice Areas Involved


Services provided by Fuss & O’Neill included locating a suitable staging area for the soil, design, and creation of bins to stage the soil in compliance with the general permit issued by CTDEEP. Fuss & O’Neill attended periodic meetings with contractors to ensure that excess soil was handled per the soil management plan. We worked with the construction contractors to maintain clean and orderly stockpile areas. Soil stockpile layouts and methods were modified to optimize the available space and to reduce the potential for cross-contamination. Soils were separated by utility type to determine if utility type and excavation depth were correlated to characterization.

Fuss & O’Neill staff performed daily inspections of the stockpile area and tracked the volume of soil collected in each storage bin. After the required volume of soil was collected in each bin, the bin was closed and soil characterization samples were collected per the requirements of the disposal facility. After receipt of the analytical data, Fuss & O’Neill’s Licensed Environmental Professionals (LEPs) reviewed the analytical data, characterized the soil, and prepared LEP Opinion Letters for each bin of soil generated during the project.


Based on the LEP Opinion Letters, bin-specific disposal/reuse packages were prepared, which included a waste profile and transportation paperwork. Fuss & O’Neill managed the loading, transportation, and disposal of the excess soil, providing a true turnkey approach to soil management. This approach resulted in a significant cost savings, primarily due to prevention of double-handling the soil, selecting the disposal facility based on the characterization, and streamlining the soil management process.


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