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Springborn Dam Removal
Enfield, CT

Springborn Dam was a high hazard dam in poor condition. Removal of the dam would reconnect 2.6 miles of upstream fish habitat, restore natural riverine functions, increase community resilience in the face of future storms, and eliminate a public safety risk.

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During this project, we collaborated closely with CTDOT Rails, CTDEEP, and the contractor to design and permit the new pier on an expedited basis within the original design and construction services budget.

Internally, this project brought together many all of our in-house specialists, including: dam safety, ecological/wetlands, land survey, and structural professionals.

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The dam was in such poor condition that catastrophic failure was a possibility. Removal of the dam eliminated the risk of loss of life and damage to downstream property. Lowering the water levels around buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure improved the ability of the community to respond and adapt to storms. Reconnecting fish habitats strengthened the natural ecosystem by extending these runs to geographic areas from where they have been absent for over 100 years, thus also increasing species’ population size.

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