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RIPTA Electric Bus Charging Station and Facility Upgrades
Providence, Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) provides public transportation to more than 40,000 Rhode Island commuters daily. Buses are their primary mode of transportation, with many facilities throughout the state to administer operations. These facilities require both routine maintenance and forward-thinking upgrades to ensure the best service for their customers.

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We worked with RIPTA to determine the optimal facilities for the electric buses and their charging stations. After the site selections were made, we assessed the existing electrical infrastructure at each and worked with National Grid (NGrid) to determine the optimal facility for the buses and chargers, as well as the existing electrical service impacts. We coordinated closely with the manufacturer and RIPTA to determine locations of equipment, day-to-day access for RIPTA personnel, and maintenance of the equipment.

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RIPTA will use what it learns from the leased electric buses to prepare for the purchase of 16 to 20 electric buses starting in 2021. When added to RIPTA’s existing hybrid diesel electric buses (which combine diesel with battery power), these all electric buses will give RIPTA a fleet that consists of approximately 36% and low- and zero-emission vehicles.

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