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Restoring an Estuary,
100 Years Later
Wellfleet, and Truro, Massachusetts

What is an estuary?
Some say it’s a body of water found where rivers meet the sea, or more simply, where fresh and saltwater mix. This is the story of restoring historic tidal flows to the Herring River Estuary after more than 100 years.

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Our nation has learned a lot since 1909. We now recognize the vital role of tidal flows to the health of coastal ecosystems and migratory fisheries, and in turn, the importance of a healthy ecosystem to the local community, economy, and thousands of annual visitors who enjoy its lands and waters. Partnering with the Friends of Herring River, the towns of Wellfleet, as well as Truro, and the Herring River Restoration Committee (comprising the Cape Cod National Seashore and several federal and state agencies), Fuss & O’Neill is designing improvements to the century-old dike to restore tidal flows and support the future health of the estuary.

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What is an estuary? In the case of the Herring River Estuary, it is where fresh and saltwater now mix.

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