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Framingham Transit-Oriented Development Summit
Framingham, MA

As part of Fuss & O’Neill’s consulting services to the Town of Framingham to assess and facilitate redevelopment planning at brownfield sites, the Framingham Transit-oriented Development (TOD) Summit was formed. Feedback generated during the TOD Summit would be used to inform zoning changes and policy reforms to encourage development in the central business district.

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Participants in the TOD Summit reviewed existing zoning and master plan analyses for three blighted property assemblages within a quarter-mile of the MBTA commuter rail station. Conceptual renderings, followed by yield studies for potential redevelopment (which used ideal regulations adapted from case studies), were presented in a public meeting hosted by the Town Manager and Office of Community and Economic Development. A moderated roundtable discussion with local developers and Town staff followed. Studies for development of Cochituate Rail Trail on the MBTA right-of-way (with proposed future connection to the MBTA commuter rail station at Natick Center) were conducted as part of these contracts to provide greater transportation use.

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The Summit heightened excitement for development potential in Framingham and has led to detailed studies of zoning language rewrite to enhance TOD possibilities in the downtown.

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