Windsor Locks Transit-Oriented Development Study

As part of an Amtrak station relocation, Fuss & O’Neill worked with the Town of Windsor Locks to resolve complex transportation issues, remodel land uses commensurate with mixed-use transit-oriented development (TOD), and developed a sense of place for the gateway to Southern New England.

We were engaged to perform a comprehensive TOD study, which provided a step-by-step approach to downtown growth, detailed a roadmap for enhanced multimodal connectivity, identified property redevelopment opportunities consistent with TOD and smart growth principles, provided form-based coding for the downtown, and prescribed a plan for downtown infrastructure.

Since the completion of this plan, implementation has seen dramatic increase in brick and mortar TOD activity in the properties surrounding the station, much of which has been supported by the state as a model of their TOD initiatives. A long abandoned factory and brownfields site (Montgomery Mill) has been transformed into 160 apartment units, and other mixed-use development is bolstered by the Town’s adoption of CT’s first Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) district.

The CTDOT is completing design of the new station site, and our firm is designing complete streets and streetscapes to provide multimodal connectivity on a regional basis.