Williston Road Cycle Track and Sidewalk Project

The City of South Burlington has been working towards creating a City Center District with an efficient transportation network that supports pedestrians, cyclists, and public transportation while accommodating automobiles. Fuss & O’Neill has collaborated with the City to design a two-way paved cycle track, a four foot wide landscaped area, and a six foot wide concrete sidewalk. The City’s desire is to create a City Center District and to create inviting areas that encourage people to walk, cycle, shop, work, and dine nearby.

The section of Williston Road between Dorset Street and Midas Drive is a small portion of the City Center vision. However, there is a significant amount of vehicular traffic and narrow shoulders that make this section of road undesirable for many bicyclists. The cycle track, sidewalks, and landscaping improvements will increase the attractiveness of the area from a “typical” city road to a multimodal environment that can accommodate various types of users.