Williams College Stormwater Master Plan

Williams College contracted with Fuss & O’Neill to create a comprehensive stormwater master plan, incorporating a series of stormwater drainage systems that serve approximately 450 acres of the core campus as well as non-contiguous outlying properties in the Town.

Fuss & O’Neill performed a holistic evaluation of the campus drainage system. We created a hydrology and hydraulics (H&H) model to identify problem areas and provide data to quantify the magnitude of the problems in each area. As part of the master plan process, we developed over 15 options to mitigate flooding and draining issues throughout the Campus. The College has since moved forward with a number of the master plan recommendations, including the replacement of the Christmas Brook Culvert, bypass piping and significant stormwater infiltration systems, and a comprehensive stream restoration of the upper reaches of Christmas Brook.

Stormwater management on Campus had been addressed on a project-by-project basis, resulting in stormwater detention and water quality controls in site-specific projects, but without regard for potential impacts to the overall campus drainage.

We provided the College with a modeling tool that allowed for smoother planning, permitting, and design for future projects, which resulted in the final creation of a campus drainage master plan.