Wastewater Treatment Facility Plan for Phosphorus Removal

The Town of Newport engaged Fuss & O’Neill to prepare an updated Facilities Plan to comply with an Administrative Order by Consent to meet pending phosphorus limit of 0.42 mg/l from an Aerated Lagoon Facility.

The report was prepared per the requirements of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services regulations and qualifies for grant and loan funding under the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program. Our opinion of cost of the upgraded facility featured a new ballasted settling process for phosphorus removal along with other facility improvements. As a part of the scope of work, we are assessing equipment condition, evaluating alternatives and life-cycle costs, participating in public presentations, and assisting with pilot testing of the CoMag and Actiflo during each of the four seasons. We have successfully demonstrated achieving phosphorus levels of less than 0.3 mg/l on the effluent.