Wastewater Management, Sewers, and Shared Infrastructure

Fuss & O’Neill is assisting three associations with municipal rights to permit and design sewer, water, storm drainage infrastructure, and full roadway construction within their corporate boundaries. In addition to technical aspects of the project, we are assisting the associations to negotiate Inter-municipal Agreements with multiple downstream municipalities with flexibility to add Town-controlled associations in the future, create regulations, prepare policies and procedures manuals, and levy assessments, and maximize Clean Water Funds.

Pump station features include a building with breakaway walls, critical equipment above the 500-year flood elevation, acoustical building features, an enclosed propane-fired 250 kw generator with a hospital-grade silencer, pervious pavers, and a 27-foot deep wet well that houses duplex 75 horsepower submersible wastewater pumps.

Specifics of the four projects include:

  • Clean Water Funding for Four Projects Being Executed Concurrently
  • Provisions for 1,000 Lots to Be Connected to Public Sewers and 500 Lots to Be Connected to Public Water
  • 3.22 Miles of 10-inch Force Main with Integrated Odor Control Features
  • 7.0 Miles of Full Roadway and Utility Reconstruction
  • 6.5 Miles of Sanitary Sewers up to 12 Inches
  • Resilient CIRCA and TR-16-compliant Centralized Pump Station with Critical Equipment at 14 Feet Above Grade on 0.12-acre Lot in Densely Developed Neighborhood
  • 75 hp Duplex Submersible Pumps with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) within 27-foot-deep Wet Well in Non-cohesive Sands and Peat
  • Amtrak Northeast Corridor Bridge Crossing
  • DOT Permitting for 3 Miles along State Route 156
  • Trenchless Culvert Crossings Utilizing Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Rigorous EIE Process in Environmental Area, Including OPM, DEEP Coastal, NDDB, and SHPO Reviews
  • Zoning Text Modifications to Allow Pump Station in Coastal High Hazard Area and Variance for Setback
  • Public Outreach Including Website Postings, Email Blasts, FAQs, Presentations at Public Hearings for Town Commissions, Associations, Board of Governors, and WPCA Meetings