Walker Farm Recreation and Resilience Improvement Project

Fuss & O’Neill is assisting with site and resilience improvements to the Walker Farm facility, which is located at the southern end of Hundred Acre Cove.

We were initially contracted by the Town to create materials to be used for grant applications to support this project. To aid the grant application process, we developed an existing conditions assessment, site plan, and memo that described how the current layout was haphazard, impeded boat ramp traffic, and had safety concerns. Additionally, the site assessment included a detailed look at the site’s vulnerability to future climate impacts, including the poor condition of the shoreline, ongoing subsidence of land, lack of stormwater management, and lack of water systems for the community garden. We developed a conceptual site design and provided cost estimates for site improvements.

With the grant money achieved, the Town then hired
Fuss & O’Neill for the next phase of this project: design and permitting to improve recreational facilities and increase the site’s resilience to climate events and sea level rise. Early stages of this project included meeting with Town officials and project stakeholders to gain community support and to assist with permitting. Design elements included concrete debris removal, shoreline reconfiguration, buffer plantings, salt marsh migration, access road reconfiguration, and an ADA-compliant boat launch. As a major component of this project is resilience, this project would allow for a portion of Walker Farm to be used for salt marsh migration, essentially constructing a floodable park (the first floodable park in the state).