US Route 1 at I-95 Intersection Improvements

The project for Main Department of Transportation involved operational and safety improvements, including signal upgrades to the intersection of Route 1 and Spur Road. The fourth leg of the intersection is a commercial driveway accessing Stonewall Kitchen (SWK) and the Greater York Chamber of Commerce (COC).

Improvements included increased capacity of the intersection by adding a second left-turn lane for northbound vehicles onto Spur Road, as well as a dedicated left-turn lane for southbound vehicles entering SWK/COC driveway. In addition, reconfiguration of the right-turn slip ramp to Route 1 south was included to address rear-end collisions in this area. Fuss & O’Neill was contracted by the MaineDOT to finalize preliminary design and complete final design/construction plans, and coordination with a proposed site development project on the northwest quadrant to include a left-turn pocket for the development in the design.

Project improvements also included construction of a new 3-foot x 5-foot box culvert to replace an existing culvert that flooded Route 1 annually.