Tunnel Stream Timber Sale Road Construction

Fuss & O’Neill provided the survey, design, and inspections services for approximately 5 miles of timber hauling and maintenance access on Tunnel Stream Road through the White Mountain National Forest.

The roadways were designed to Federal FP-03 specifications and timber sale specific supplemental specifications. The Forest Service requested a roadway section template and necessary roadway horizontal and vertical geometry for the required design vehicle. As part of this project, a 0.83 mile section of new roadway was blazed and designed to connect previously unreachable portions of the forest for harvest. Fuss & O’Neill coordinated with Government Archaeologists to avoid a marked historical site found during survey and conducted construction observation and documented critical project milestones. Erosion and sediment controls were monitored during construction and Federal pay item quantities were recorded for Contractor pay requisition review.

Fuss & O’Neill was charged with finding a suitable location for an 80-foot temporary bridge and to design the approaches and modular block abutments. Timber sale projects are generally constructed over a 5 year timespan. The bridges and abutments were temporary and were removed from the stream area upon completion of the harvest.