Treatment and On-Site Disposal of High Strength Wastewater

Fuss & O’Neill provided planning, design and construction engineering services for a wastewater system featuring biological treatment of high strength egg washwater and a pressure dosed on-site subsurface disposal system.

The Egg Farm also required permitting through the Connecticut DEEP, construction inspection, start-up and commissioning services. The facility treats the high strength wastewater resulting from washing 3.3 million eggs daily. The treatment process is a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor with fine screening, flow equalization, dissolved air flotation, chemical dosing, and sand filtration.

The subsurface dispersal system is designed to overcome poorly draining soils at the site by utilizing 12 vertical feet of engineered fill. The dispersal system is composed of 4,000 linear feet of plastic leaching chambers and 5,000 feet of pressure distribution piping.