Thetford VT Route 113 Roadway Reconstruction

Fuss & O’Neill provided the engineering services for the Thetford STP 2221(1) full depth reclamation project that was designed under Fuss & O’Neill’s Highway Resurfacing Engineering Services-2009 Retainer Contract. This was located along VT Route 113 between the New Hampshire border and VT Route 244.

The project consisted of cold planning, reclaiming, and paving the roadway from the VT Route 244 to just west of the interstate. The interstate area resurfacing was cold plane and overlay with the reclaim resuming just east of the interstate and continuing to the Vermont/New Hampshire border. We worked with the Town to ensure a safe crosswalk location would be provided for the Thetford Elementary School and First Congregational Church patrons and included rectangular rapid flashing beacons to improve the visibility of the crosswalk. Underdrain was installed and drainage was modified as necessary. Guardrail, signs and pavement markings were upgraded and the railroad crossing was reconstructed.

We provided coordination with the Town and RPC to ensure that the sidewalk project would blend in with the roadway. We analyzed the sight distance at VT Route 244 and at the Houghton Hill and Academy Road intersection. It was determined that VT Route 244 could not be lowered. The Houghton Hill and Academy Road intersection was improved by lowering the profile and it was recommended to remove some of the brush that impeded sight distance. The church limited the available sight distance.