Table Rock Bridge at Barney Pond

Fuss & O’Neill designed a new pre-stressed concrete box beam superstructure and independent timber covered bridge at Barney Pond. The bridge replaced a concrete encased steel stringer structure.

Fuss & O’Neill engineers conducted a geotechnical investigation, field survey, wetlands delineation, an environmental assessment, and completed the structure, roadway, foundation, and architectural design. Their design utilized a concrete superstructure to minimize future maintenance requirements, and designed and placed new concrete abutments behind the existing abutments to carry the superstructure and truss loads.

To improve aesthetics, we abandoned the existing stone abutments, covered the bridge longer than the existing bridge to improve proportions and appearance, and designed an open-sided exposed truss covered bridge that improved vehicle visibility.

Both the cantilevered pedestrian walkway and new fishing platform downstream of the bridge will enhance the Barney Pond experience for visitors.