Stormwater Management System

Freeport McMoRan, a global natural resources company, engaged Fuss & O’Neill to construct a stormwater management system for their copper production facility in Norwich, CT. The site had copper deposition that contributed to stormwater concentrations.

This project managed peak flows of more than 50 cfs. Fuss & O’Neill modified existing plans to slow the water’s flow to allow more time and control measures to allow fines to settle out. Sedimentation basins, infiltration basins, and erosion control mats were constructed and used as flow control and to reduce copper concentrations in the stormwater. After three rounds of soil sampling, this project was complicated by metals found in the soil. The impacted soil was removed and refilled. This project included obtaining permits from the Army Corps of Engineers, CT DEEP, as well as Norwich Wetlands and Zoning. The project’s final report was approved and has recommended closure of Stipulation for Judgment.