Stamford Urban Transitway

Fuss & O’Neill provided highway and traffic engineering design services to the $45 million Stamford Urban Transitway project in the City’s South End.

We designed a new four to six lane corridor featuring dedicated high occupancy vehicle lanes, Intelligent Transportation System enhancements, and seven new traffic signal designs in a coordinated system with bus and fire pre-emption. We overcame several environmental and right-of-way constraints to provide streetscaping features and pedestrian and bicycle lanes to the Transitway.

Our group also completed an environmental assessment, and designed a bridge widening to accommodate future I-95 improvements. We coordinated with the Federal Transit Administration New Starts Program to secure funding for the project.

By connecting the south end area neighborhoods and Elm Street corridor to the City’s Transportation Center on Atlantic Street, the Transitway will help revitalize the area with improved traffic and transit flow and relieve congestion in this urban area.

The Transitway includes streetscaping features and a pedestrian and bicycle lane. Numerous environmental and right of way constraints were overcome to accommodate the roadway alignment.
Unique project challenges and features included:

  • Congested urban area
  • Environmental and right-of-way constraints
  • Federal Transit Administration New Starts Program
  • Bridge widening to accommodate I-95 improvements