Southeast Framingham Brownfield Planning Study

Fuss & O’Neill conducted a neighborhood-scale Brownfield Planning Study using USEPA Assessment Grant Funding. This allowed the Town to present a vision for economic and environmental renewal of an under-served community plagued by a disproportionate number of Brownfield sites.

Compared to other neighborhoods in Town, Southeast Framingham faces unique challenges brought on by economic divestment and a history of industrial use. Fuss & O’Neill recognized that the environmental quality of a community is intrinsically linked with the welfare of its residents. Our Planning Study focused on evaluation of the industrial history of the neighborhood and known environmental conditions. We developed reuse plans for key under-utilized areas that were compatible with feasible remediation approaches and more effectively addressed the needs of residents. The Study also presented financial incentives and cleanup strategies to demonstrate a path to renewal and stimulate the support of both municipal decision-makers and developers.