Hospital UST Replacement and Boiler Conversions

Fuss & O’Neill was contracted to convert three boilers from No. 6 fuel to No. 2 fuel and to remove and replace interior piping and transfer pumps. Project included abatement of asbestos contaminated materials on former No.6 oil product lines.

The existing 20,000-gallon underground storage tank (UST) required temporary installation of an aboveground tank (AST) system to provide fuel during renovations. We replaced the existing UST with a new 20,000-gallon UST. Installation services included filing of a UST Notification Form to CT DEEP, a complete tank accessory package with tank dress and piping systems, a new Omntec OEL8000 automatic tank gauge monitoring system with all appropriate probes (level), sensors (piping sump and dry interstitial space between the double wall of the tank), as well as oversight of demolition and installation.

Boiler conversion kit installations occur in conjunction with the installation of the new UST system. This included new duplex transfer pumps with controls, installation of the factory-assembled fuel conversion kit for each of the three boilers’ burners electrical work, and factory startup testing.