Regulating Reservoir Stormwater BMPs

Fuss & O’Neill assisted Providence Water in selecting, siting, designing, permitting, bidding, and constructing stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to treat stormwater discharging from a major intersection to the Regulating Reservoir.

Through our on-call contract for Providence Water, Fuss & O’Neill was retained to investigate and address high total phosphorus and total uspended solids concentrations in the Regulating Reservoir in Scituate, Rhode Island.

After conducting an alternatives analysis and siting evaluation to determine the most suitable stormwater BMPs to address the pollutants of concern, we completed the design of two Wet Vegetated Treatment Systems (WVTSs). Then, we assisted Providence Water with project permitting, bidding, and construction administration. These WVTSs were of the first to be designed and constructed in the State of Rhode Island.