Reconstruction of Royalton Road (Route 68)

Fuss & O’Neill provided the engineering services for the design of approximately 2.5 miles of roadway and drainage improvements consistent with MassDOT design guidelines. We provided assistance to the Town to secure funding through the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Royalston Road serves as a primary connecting road between the towns of Royalston and Templeton and was in need of pavement, drainage, and other safety improvements to continually serve the two communities. Much of the roadway experienced significant flooding and erosion of the side slopes. The use of modified rock fill, retaining walls, and guardrail was utilized at the locations with steep embankments and steep fill slopes for stabilization and protection from vehicular traffic. This project also included the replacement of two stone culverts with 18’ wide precast box culverts meeting the Massachusetts Stream Crossing Standards and ACOE review.

Multiple locations in the project area had bordering vegetative wetlands and required environmental permitting including WPA NOI, MEPA, ENF, 401 Water Quality Certification, and USACOE General Permit review.

The roadway handled runoff primarily through a country drainage system with roadside swales. There were multiple areas throughout the project area where drainage improvements were made to prevent flooding, future pavement distress, and erosion of side slopes.