Providence Water Tank and HazMat Compliance

Providence Water requested the assistance of Fuss & O’Neill to assist in a programmatic review and update of their facility compliance programs. Our services focused on evaluation and enhancements of compliance programs for spill prevention and control, storage tank management, hazardous materials management, and employee training.

We conducted compliance audits and interviews at each of Providence Water’s ten operations, maintenance and pump station facilities throughout the service and supply area. These audits identified areas for program enhancement and increased efficiency. Data collected through the investigation phase was utilized in a comprehensive rewrite of facility Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans, return-to-compliance plans for targeted tank systems, acquisition of tank system variances from RIDEM, and the preparation of a hazardous materials inventory and compliance program evaluation with recommendations for program modifications. Multiple training sessions were also implemented for certification of employees as Underground Storage Tank Operators.