On-Call Habitat Restoration Services to MA Division of Ecological Restoration

Since initiating these services to MA DER, we have completed feasibility studies and designs for multiple salt marsh restoration projects. These studies included assessments of coastal geomorphology, potential flooding impacts, potential construction issues and opinions of construction costs.

Gray Gables Salt Marsh Restoration Study: Phragmites vegetation encroached within marsh due to inadequate tidal flushing caused by undersized culverts. Complex hydroperiod response was evaluated using a customized hydraulic model. Modification scenarios were evaluated and recommendations provided for further investigations to improve likelihood of restoration.
Broad Cove Salt Marsh Restoration Study: Culvert restricts tidal flushing to salt marsh, causing Phragmites encroachment into former salt marsh areas. Model was developed to evaluate potential culvert modifications to improve tidal flushing without causing excessive flooding.