Norden RCRA Corrective Action

Fuss & O’Neill, Inc. helped our client meet its obligations under RCRA Corrective Action and Connecticut’s Property Transfer Regulations for this 60-acre site known as the former Norden Systems, Inc.

We performed site investigation, design, remediation, and environmental land use restrictions, as well as facilitated regulatory approvals of this former air radar and defense research and manufacturing property. Site remediation design included evaluating the effectiveness of multi-phase extraction (MPE) systems, soil vapor extraction systems, and an in-situ air sparging system for contaminant source mass removal. Substantial progress towards achieving the 2020 Corrective Action Final Remedy Goals has been made through completion of the Corrective Action 400-Remedy Decision and 550-Remedy Construction Milestones. We implemented affordable, innovative monitoring well construction techniques including FLUTe™ (Flexible Liner Underground Technologies) and CMT Multilevel™ systems. A Comprehensive Ecological Risk Assessment confirmed that remediation was not necessary in sensitive habitat areas.