Narrow River Nature-based Systems Resilience Project

Fuss & O’Neill implemented restoration plans to address water resource challenges exacerbated by rising sea levels, shoreline erosion, and stormwater discharges. These restoration plans use nature-based systems to make this estuarine system more resilient to future climate impacts.

  • Middlebridge Road and Narragansett Avenue Green Infrastructure Retrofits
    Planning, design, and permitting for green infrastructure retrofit improvements at more than 20 sites along the public right-of-way.
  • Edgewater and Pettaquamscutt Neighborhoods Green Infrastructure Retrofits
    Design, permitting, bidding, and construction administration for a project that began as a RIDEM planning effort to demonstrate how green infrastructure can be implemented in dense, residential neighborhoods to address stormwater issues.
  • Mettatuxet Neighborhood Green Infrastructure Retrofit
    Planning, design, permitting, and construction administration of green infrastructure retrofits to disconnect the impervious surfaces that drained to the river.

Narrow River Dredging and Salt Marsh Evaluation – Provided planning, design, and public bidding support to enhance the elevation of approximately 25 acres of salt marsh by about one foot and dredge approximately 20,000 cy to create the material required for the salt marshes. This project was developed to preserve the salt marshes that were beginning to fail because of rising sea levels.

Sedge Island Living Shoreline Demonstration – Design of a living shoreline demonstration project to protect the shoreline of Sedge Island. This island is largely comprised of a salt marsh with rapidly eroding shorelines caused by sea level rise and boat wakes.