MS4 Storm System Mapping and Data Collection

Fuss & O’Neill was contracted by the Town of Enfield to develop initial stormwater outfall mapping for portions of the Town that are regulated by CTDEEP’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) General Permit.

This three-phased project began by digitizing existing, Town-owned stormwater outfall locations from existing paper assessor’s mapping. Next, we refined the digitized outfall locations based on additional available GIS data and paper mapping. Finally, we field-verified a representative subset of outfall locations along representative stream segments.

Phase 2 began with updating additional stormwater system features. We performed limited ground-truthing of stormwater outfalls and field-verification of locations and conditions of stormwater conveyance system outfalls. We summarized our findings and provided an initial assessment of conditions, including suspect or known pollutant contributors.

Phase 3 began with continuation of stormwater outfall location verification and included dry weather outfall screening and sampling. Findings were added to the current Town MS4 Base Map. Additionally, we provided tables for summarizing outfall structure physical conditions, outfall discharge area conditions, and dry weather flow screening results.