Morril Science Center

The University of Massachusetts identified deficiencies in the underground utility systems in the corridor between Morrill Science Center, a main pedestrian walkway linking the north section of campus to the Campus Center and Library to the south. The construction of the utility upgrades provided an opportunity to enhance the circulation, aesthetics, and accessibility within the heavily traveled corridor.

Stemming from a culmination of feedback and design sessions with the University, Fuss & O’Neill provided a multidisciplinary approach to this project. The redesigned space consisted of wider walkways, improved pedestrian flow, seating and gathering areas, improved lighting and code-compliant walkways, site furnishings upgrades, upgrades to existing steam tunnels, drainage improvements, and an arboretum-style planting design. Green infrastructure techniques were addressed through a runnel system conveying water from the highest point of the site cascading over corten steel spillways, eventually collecting in a rain garden planted with native plant species.