Moore Dam Communication Easement Survey

Eversource retained Fuss and O’Neill to perform a boundary/easement and topographic survey sufficient to generate accurate line profiles and to define a new communication easement to be acquired.

Existing transmission line easement corridors on TransCanada land and crossing Interstate 93 and St. Johnsbury Road located between the Littleton substation and Moore Dam were surveyed. Research and ground surveys were performed to reestablish existing parcel, right-of-way, and easement boundaries. Survey-grade GPS was used to establish site control on the state plane coordinate system and detailed topographic surveys along the approximate half-mile corridor and around portions of the substation and dam were performed. A digital terrain model of the collected survey data was created for generating line profiles and utility design by Eversource. Elevations were also taken at cable sag locations and at all pole/cable anchors. An easement plan depicting the proposed communication easement and ties to existing boundaries was generated for recording.