Milford Municipal Building Energy Services

Fuss & O’Neill performed energy audits at four City of Milford buildings: the Milford Center for the Arts; the Margaret Egan Social Services Center; the Parsons Government Center; and the Milford Police Department. The floor area of these four buildings totaled 232,000 square feet.

Our team made a number of recommendations to help the City save energy, including:

  • Computerized energy management systems to replace controls
  • High-efficiency lighting replacements
  • Interior and exterior lighting controls
  • Condensing boilers

We also completed a pre-design study of the Milford City Hall boiler plant, evaluating four options for the City. The option we recommended involved replacing one boiler with a condensing boiler and installing a new burner on the other boiler.

Our team analyzed energy consumption data; identified energy-saving measures; calculated energy savings; estimated implementation costs; and prepared written reports.

Audits recommended 18 energy-saving measures with a combined annual savings of approximately $126,000; a total implementation cost of approximately $163,000; and a combined simple payback of five years.