Market to Metacom

Fuss and O’Neill is the lead consultant working with leaders from the Town of Warren to create a community plan that holistically addresses climate change challenges while promoting economic redevelopment.

Funded by a grant from the Southeast New England Program (SNEP) of the U.S. EPA, the plan serves as an example of how communities can adapt to climate change impacts while fostering community redevelopment, job creation, and housing production, in a manner that attracts a shift in private investment while improving overall resilience.

The project will objectively analyze, quantify, and determine the feasibility of adaptation to climate change impacts in the low-lying Market Street area, and will be balanced with redevelopment/stormwater improvements in the Metacom Avenue corridor.

This project is an opportunity to engage with community residents and leaders in discussions reagrding long-term retreat and ecological restoration and, at the same time, to reimagine the development of an auto-centric commercial zone into a true mixed-use, sustainably-redesigned neighborhood.

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