Maidford River – Paradise Brook Watershed Conservation Plan

Fuss & O’Neill developed a Land Conservation Plan for the Aquidneck Land Trust, Inc. (ALT). The plan prioritizes land conservation activities based on protecting and improving water quality. The plan includes an Outreach and Education Plan to develop a comprehensive strategy for advancing ALT programs and preservation efforts with landowners.

Fuss & O’Neill completed several assessments for rating and evaluating land in the watershed, including a river/stream buffer analysis and an evaluation of pollutant loads discharging from various land uses and parcels. Both watercourses were also inventoried by field teams to assess existing in-stream and riparian conditions. Based on those evaluations, an outreach and education program was developed to engage landowners, including those with existing conservation lands, in conservation efforts, including the adoption of best management practices for water quality, and land preservation. Additionally, conceptual designs for five high impact restoration and water quality projects were prepared.