Landfill Closure Design and Groundwater Monitoring

Fuss & O’Neill designed and assisted the City of Norwich with completing closure construction of the landfill.

Our services included landfill design assistance during bidding, review of contractor submittals, inspection of contractor’s work, and shop drawing review. This project required construction of multiple cap sections, including a geosynthetic cap on the “flat,” top portion of the landfill and low permeability soil cap on the steeper side slopes. This project also required construction of side-slope surface water diversion ditches and perimeter drainage features and surface water detention basin with discharge using a level spreader. We installed gas vents with common discharge vents to reduce protrusions through the final cap.

Fuss & O’Neill provided post-landfill closure monitoring, including: groundwater monitoring of leachate indicator parameters in shallow, intermediate, and deep bedrock aquifers; domestic well sampling of surrounding residents; and surface water quality monitoring and evaluation.