Jaime Ulloa Park Redevelopment

The City of Springfield, in conjunction with the Department of Parks, Buildings, and Recreation Management, retained Fuss & O’Neill for design and engineering services for the redevelopment of Jaime Ulloa Park. The project was designed to improve and enhance access to the park and park amenities and to increase park safety.

Previously enclosed by fencing and retaining walls, the park was only accessible by two small entrances. The design features the removal of the walls and fence to improve visual and physical access to the park and brings in the hub of activity, as opposed to the isolated seating in niches along the street side. The design features improvements to new walking surfaces and replaces existing dilapidated surfaces. Improved accessible curb ramps will allow access from the street to the park, and a system of connected walkways will encourage a walkable environment. The design also included a universally-inclusive playground, new signage, and site amenities.