Infiltration and Inflow Plan

Fuss & O’Neill created an Infiltration and Inflow Plan for the town of Blackstone that created an inventory of the sewer collection system and broadly looked at the wastewater flows for indications of I/I within the sewer collection system.

The technical analysis of the sanitary sewer collection system in the Town of Blackstone isolated two sewersheds with suspected infiltration and inflow. The runtime data from fifteen pump stations, sewage flows from two wastewater meters were analyzed to make this determination. Four temporary flow meters validated the analysis of the pump station O&M logs. Our team recommended follow up SSES to be performed at three different locations where excessive infiltration and/or inflow was detected. The analysis started with F&O building a GIS dataset of the sewers from scanned record drawings. This was the first time that the Town had someone create a map of the entire sewer system.