I-93 Exit 4A SDEIS Survey

Fuss & O’Neill prepared a Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS) to update the EIS prepared in 2007 to evaluate alternatives to alleviating downtown traffic. This SDEIS required survey services.

We prepared an SDEIS to update the 2007 environmental documentation, which included traffic modeling, projections/analyses, pavement layouts, resource impact analyses, and cost estimates for five alternatives to bring the project to a public hearing to confirm the selection of a preferred alternative.

New Hampshire Route 102 serves as a major travelway for through traffic accessing I-93 via Exit 4. The Route, known as Broadway through Derry, also serves as the main street in Derry’s downtown.

Survey tasks for the three-mile route corridor along with another three miles of intersecting road corridors included:

  • Right-of-Way and Adjoining Parcel Research
  • Existing Conditions/Topographic Route Survey along a 150’± Swath Centered on the Roadway Alignment
  • Utility Survey
  • Select Parcel Surveys for Proposed Drainage Areas
  • Right-of-Way Boundary Survey
  • Project Control Established on the State Plane Coordinate System
  • Digital Terrain Modeling of the Entire Subject Area
  • Preparation of Final Right-of-Way Layout Plans for Recording at the County Registry