I-195 Redevelopment

Fuss & O’Neill was hired as the commission’s trusted advisor to provide suggestions that the commission can use to encourage the development of I-195 properties in Providence in ways that best serve the long-term vision of the district.

Fuss & O’Neill will develop an integrated plan, incorporating many of our specialties, which will maximize the amount of developable land and add significant value to the properties. Our plan will reduce the time and cost of permitting, which are often the primary impediments to development.

Given the size and complexity of the project, there will undoubtedly be unforeseen challenges, and we will bring our experience, expertise, and creativity to proactively identify these obstacles, and lead the transformation of the I-195 land in a manner that will provide the greatest benefit to the state in the future.

We look forward to the unique opportunity to help with the development of the properties sustainably in a manner that enhances the social, environmental, and economic fabric of Providence.