Huxley Avenue Transformation

Fuss & O’Neill was contracted by Providence College to identify, plan, and design stormwater management practices as part of the larger transformation project of Huxley Avenue, which is a central campus thoroughfare.

We designed two bioretention basins for Davis Hall. These stormwater filtration and infiltration systems are located just south of the Huxley Avenue roundabout. Overflow structures divert flows in excess of the design storm event to the storm drain located beneath was what formerly Huxley Avenue, which discharges south to the city’s storm drain in Eaton Street.

Each basin includes a ridged energy dissipator, stone-lined channel, and 6-inch weirs constructed from recycled granite curbing to manage flow velocities and provide pretreatment, while providing architectural design element to the basins. The combined cell storage of each basin provides storage equal to the water quality volume. A diverse selection of plant species and stone channel stabilization improve the functionality of the stormwater management practice and enrich the character of this prominent pedestrian route.